We provide wireless tower services, cell tower maintenance services, structural upgrade, rooftop installation and maintenance services for major wireless carriers. We deliver solutions with the highest quality and responsibility that help our customers to meet their needs. 

Phoenix United is a irreplaceable  provider in the Wireless Telecom Industry. 

Tower Services & Inspection

We provide tower Inspection and tower maintenance services: antennas installation and modification, RRH instalation, RF lines , Structural modification.

DAS/Small Cell 

Our company provide services for Distributed Antenna Systems installation, maintenance and upgrade. In-building wireless and small cell. 


Our certified specialists can test and troubleshoot all of the RF components including: Antennas,  RRH,  RF line, fiber and also main broadcast lines.

1. Assessment and Planing

2. Quality & Safety work

3. Meets all deadline

Helping find the right Telecom solutions.

Phoenix United team will be more that happy to help our customers to find a right decision and solution for all kind of project. We can help with planning work ahead, to finish all project in time. Also we provide a detailing plan for work and financing part.  Please feel free to contact our team with all the question you have.