Phoenix United provides a full set of maintenance, planning, engineering, construction, testing, installation and consultancy services for telecom companies. We assure major wireless carriers of the highest quality service and turnkey solutions that meet all their needs. 

Antenna & Line Work

Our experienced and fully trained teams can handle multiple types of antenna and line installations. We also consolidate, optimize and troubleshoot as needed. Phoenix United can assist you in setting up all types of antennas, cables, power and fiber trunks, batteries and cabinets according to your desired specifications.

Technical Testing Services

Our team can handle different types of testing that adhere to current standards and regulations. To make sure your telecom network is running optimally and is compliant, our well-trained personnel conduct both routine and specialized tests that help you detect issues before they become difficult to manage.

Structural Upgrades

We provide all types of modification support, from modular or component-based to complete modifications and upgrades. From tower mapping, analysis of structures, to fabrication of materials and installation of telecom equipment and new technologies, we help you stay in step with your expansion goals.

High safety standards and quality work

Fully-certified crews meeting all industry compliance requirements

Efficient time management and professional with deadlines


Our team helps you decide on the right solution for every telecom project. With us, you can plan ahead, design your project, and finish all your requirements on time. We go the extra mile by providing detailed recommendations for management and financing.

For more details on how Phoenix United can be your telecommunications services partner, feel free to contact us anytime.